¹ Esenbekova P.A., ² Orynbek M.S.

¹Institute of zoology,. Al-Farabi, 93, Almaty, 050060, Qazaqstan

E-mail: perizat.esenbekova@zool.kz

² Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Kazybek bi, 30, Almaty, 050010, Kazakhstan

E-mail: moldir_8161@mail.ru


The article presents the results of research conducted by the authors on the territory of Almaty in 2020-2021. Research works are devoted to the fauna, biology and ecology of hemiptera on the territory of the city. Hemiptera, or bedbugs, are the most numerous group of insects of great practical importance. Hemiptera are widely distributed in the city.When collecting the material, standard entomological methods were used - collecting with an entomological net, catching small insects with an exhauster, at night on an artificial light source, manual collection, etc. As a result of studies of hemiptera in Almaty, 43 species from 4 families were identified. According to the number of species, the family Miridae prevails – 22 species (51%), Anthocoridae – 9 species (21%), and from the family Tingidae, Nabidae – 6 species (14% each). Of these, Stenodema calcarata, Lygus pratensis, Lygus rugulipennis, Adelphocoris lineolatus, Deraeocoris punctulatus, Nabis ferus are mass, 21 are common, 16 are rare. According to their proximity to the habitats, the hemiptera of Almaty are divided into several groups: dendrobionts (10 species), dendro-tamno-hortobionts (2 species), dendro-tamno-hortobionts (1 species), hortobionts (20 species), herpetobionts (1 species), dendro-hortobionts (3 species), tamno-hortobionts (4 species), horto-tamno-dendrobionts (2 species). All 4 known types of voltinism are characteristic of the semiptera of Almaty. According to the number of generations per year, all species of hemiptera of Almaty can be divided into several groups: 1) monovoltine (14 species), 2) bivoltine (15 species), 3) having 2-3 generations per year (10 species), 4) polyvoltine (4 species). The biology and ecology of hemiptera are studied rather unevenly. The hemiptera of Almaty belong to mesophilic species. Hemiptera are insects with incomplete transformation and go through the following stages of development – egg, larva and imago. They are characterized by wintering at different stages of development. In most species of Almaty, the winter diapause occurs at the imago stage (29 species), but few species overwinter in the egg stage (14 species).

Key words: Hemiptera, Heteroptera, fauna, city Almaty.

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Hemiptera are biologically very diverse groups. There are representatives of water and land, among the latter there are species that live openly and secretly, that is, under stones, under bark, in the soil, and so on. There are more herbivorous species, but predatory species are also found in nature. Feeding on plants and their juices is characteristic of most hemipterans, while predatory species feed on arthropods. The biology and ecology of semi-solid birds has been unevenly studied. The identification of individual ecological groups is widely used in a detailed study of regional flora and fauna. Recommendations for such an analysis are contained in many environmental guidelines (Yakhontov, 1969; Chernova, Bylava, 1988).


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