Tolbaev N.B., Serzhanova A.

International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H. A. Yasawi, Turkestan, Kazakhstan. H. A. Yasawi International University, Turkestan, Kazakhstan



Due to the absence of natural lakes in the vicinity of the Karatau mountain range, artificial reservoirs have been created here. Widely used in agriculture, these artificial lakes have been converted into habitats for many birds. It is obvious that artificial lakes, being the most important ecosystem, attract not only water and near-water birds, but also representatives of other orders. The overwhelming majority of those found here are migratory birds: the studied water sources are an effective nutritional base and temporary stops for most birds. In addition to migratory birds, there are nesting and wintering representatives here.Key words: birds, avifauna, reservoir, migratory birds, nesting.

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Artificial water sources - Koskorgan, Kanavnoe and Torlansu reservoirs and temporary reservoirs of the Syrdarya river, formed during floods and sharply swamped, were taken as objects of research. The most important of these sources are the Koskorgan reservoir and the Syr Darya River, as there is a very large volume of water and coastal meadows and rich in small insects, which are the food base of birds. The unstable Lakes that form in the vicinity of the Syrdarya River can only be a spring staging ground for birds. In autumn, the water in the river itself is drawn out and lowers from the level. The water in the reservoirs, although drawn out, stops at a certain level, the nutrition in it is not significantly reduced. It is ideal for near-water birds (Berezovikov, Erokhov, 2000; 2009; Khrokov, 2010; Erokhov, Berezovikov, 2009, parts 1 and 2;


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